What is KnowMeNow?

KnowMeNow is a re-usable digital wallet that holds all your personal identity information that you choose to secure and verify.

Thanks to our approach towards the decentralised blockchain technology, you are in control over your personal data. To safeguard this principle KnowMeNow does not make use of any form of central servers with regards to your data. Any information (personal or otherwise) provided through the app, is stored securely only on your smartphone device and nowhere else.

Once you upload your personal documentation, you can choose to verify such information and receive a verified identity. You can then use this verified identity to pass ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) requirements of e-commerce KnowMeNow partners, such as banks and gaming entities, at your own discretion when such information is requested.

How do I use KnowMeNow?

Since KnowMeNow is your personal identity wallet, you will need to upload some information and documentation onto the App. This will include as little as your email and phone number, up to a selfie and a photo of your identity document. The App was designed with simplicity in mind, having an intuitive flow that guides you through the KnowMeNow levels, each requiring different information/documentation.

Once you are satisfied with the information you have uploaded to the app, you can have each level verified within minutes by a simple click of a button. Once verified, you can use the App as a means of sharing your KYC information with our merchant partners when such information is requested. Nothing is shared without your absolute consent.  

Why would I need KnowMeNow?

We must prove who we are almost every day when signing up for a new products or services – whether it’s opening a bank account, betting online, online shopping or even booking a taxi.

These various requests for proof of identity stem from legal obligations that require many e-commerce entities to fulfil KYC requirements. A Bank for example, or a betting company, will be responsible to verify that you are truly who you say you are, and that you are also safe to do business with. Hence, prior to providing their full services, they request various onerous documents to be provided by yourself and checks to be made on their side – commonly referred to as KYC documentation. Examples of documentation include proof of address and identity documents.

With KnowMeNow, you can carry out a one-time KYC process and re-share your verified KYC information with multiple KnowMeNow merchant partners.

What do the various “levels” refer to on the App?

Each level represents a different level of KYC information that can be uploaded onto the digital wallet. Not every business requires the same level of information on you, although the majority of our merchant partners require all levels to be completed, some may require level 1 or 2 only.

When sharing your information with merchants, the App will let you know the level required. If you have not completed the required level yet, you can do so in real time.

Currently, we have decided to categorise KYC relevant information into 3 levels:

Level 1: Contact Details

  • Email
  • Mobile Number

Level 2: Identification

  • Identity Document
  • Selfie
  • PEP Self Declaration

Level 3: Residency Details

  • Address
  • Proof of Address (utility bill or similar)