What if the document scanner doesn’t extract my details correctly?

Firstly, before scanning any document be sure of the following:

  • The document you wish to scan is placed on a dark surface.
  • There are no reflections or shadows on the document you are scanning.
  • The process is carried out in a well lit area.

Once the document is scanned, relevant information is automatically extracted and displayed on your screen. You will be able to edit the information extracted manually. Once you send for verification, this information is reviewed by our IDV partner. If it doesn’t match with the information on your identity document you will fail to be verified and will be required to re-start the process.

What happens to my data if I uninstall the app?

All your data will be deleted automatically along with the app. You will not be able to recover any information from your previous wallet. Due to our decentralised technology (i.e. use of blockchain) we are not storing or backing up any data.

What if my phone gets lost or stolen?

In order to log-in to your app, you will need to enter your personalised security code. The app will also require your fingerprint for access. This two-factor authentication security ensures that no one can access your digital wallet if your phone is stolen.

Furthermore, since we use decentralised technology, we do not store or back-up any of your data. Therefore, if your device is lost or stolen, you will need to re-download the KnowMeNow app and restart the upload and verification process.

Why isn’t my document scanner working?

Make sure:

  • there is enough light
  • the document you are scanning is placed on a dark surface
  • there are no shadows on the document you are scanning

If it is still failing, try moving your camera in and out towards the document until the document is aligned with the provided image outlines provided on the app.

Why is my personal data still “processing”?

Data sent, usually takes up to a maximum of 10 minutes to get verified (assuming the verification request is made during European business hours). However, due to the rigorous standards of verification IDVs uphold, this is not a fully automated process and therefore requests are handled on a case by case bases and are affected by a variety of factors such as request volumes at that time, clarity of documents provided etc.