Money 20/20 Europe- Amsterdam

In just a few days time, KnowMeNow will be heading to Amsterdam for Money 20/20 Europe. Here the masterminds within the financial services, FinTech community and payments industry will come together to pioneer the future of money. 

KnowMeNow offers new features in a smart solution that will solve your compliance needs and substantially lower related costs. With 15 years experience in KYC/KYB/AML solutions, we know first-hand the true pains linked to these processes. This is why we came up with a completely new proposition that is proving itself in offering:

  • Enhanced compliance features
  • Improved customer experience
  • Instant customer due diligence and registrations
  • Lower abandonment rates
  • Global coverage 
  • Frictionless customer onboarding

Using open blockchain technology, we allow the user to keep their identity credentials on their smartphone for reusability with other service providers. Lead the new trend of customer-centric services and you customers will thank you for it. 

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Malta AI & Blockchain Summit – 2019

The Malta AI & Blockchain Summit returned again this year and it was yet again a satisfying experience for our team!

The event provided an excellent platform for global industry leaders and stakeholders in the AI and Blockchain industries to come together and discuss about the revolutionary potential application of technologies including Blockchain, AI, Big Data and IoT.

The KnowMeNow team was very busy answering queries about its decentralised blockchain-based KYC solution and discussed its various applications in different industries.

Business Leaders (Blockchain and AI conference), Malta

KnowMeNow Co-Founder and CTO Godwin Schembri attended this event whereby he gave a 45 minutes presentation on harnessing Blockchain to deliver better ways of verifying and sharing data – something close to home for the KnowMeNow solution! Furthermore, Godwin was on the panel discussing Blockchain regulation in Malta. Overall, the conference discussed the advantages and challenges of using AI and blockchain.

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Tokenmatch, New York

In mid June, our CEO and Co-Founder Damian Mifsud, attended and pitched at the event in front of a group of potential investors and other ICOs. Tokenmatch is a world-renowned event, knowing to bring together groups of investors and preselected ICO teams in an attempt to match the two together. We met some interesting investors, service providers and other ICOs at the event and also stopped for a CNBC interview.

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