DevOps Specialist (KMN1901)

KnowMeNow is a young tech company within the established QGEN Group of companies developing innovative software solutions with the latest technologies. We challenge ourselves building decentralized architectures in ways that will drastically change the current solutions landscape. We are a growing team passionate about IT with various backgrounds, developing on the blockchain, AI, cloud and all of the latest software technologies.

Our latest solutions use Golang, Solidity, Kotlin, Swift, Vue.js, .Net, Ethereum and Hyperledger as our main development languages. The group makes use of AWS, Azure cloud infrastructures together with on-premise hardware. Most of our environments use Virtual Machines and Containers.

Due to our continued growth, we are looking for a DevOps Specialist with a passion for cloud computing, Continuous Integration and Infrastructure as Code together to join our team and help us grow faster. The DevOps Specialist will be working closely with our developers to setup an automated Continuous Integration system.

You will also be required to deploy, manage and support all of the Group’s Technical Infrastructure, including third-party tools, on-premises network infrastructure, servers and user devices. The chosen candidate will also be expected to configure and maintain infrastructure related information security configurations as per the group’s information security management system.

This is a great opportunity for individuals who are willing to gain hands-on experience in new technologies. The role is a challenging and exciting one, bringing with it an attractive remuneration package and flexible working conditions.

Essential Requirements:

  • AWS cloud services
  • Azure cloud services
  • Ethereum/HyperLedger Node setup and maintenance
  • Experience with VirtualMachines, Docker and Jenkins
  • Professional experience in continuous integration / continuous deployment
  • Advanced Knowledge of Linux and Windows OS management
  • Network management


Please send an application letter with your CV or your linked-in profile to